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Science Fiction and Fantasy

Standalone Books

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One day can change everything.
One day the world is a delicate balance.
The next day the balance is tipped.
And there is no bringing it back.
When everyone over a certain age dies, a group of young adults make a perilous journey across the US, in hopes of finding something beautiful or amazing.
Something to cherish as their last memory.
Because maybe they’re dying too.
And in the end, all we want is something to be grateful for.
And maybe for someone to remember us when we’re gone.

From the author of The Born Trilogy, The Last City of Men, and The Blood Trail Chronicles comes a story of friendship and love, even as the world is ending.

A girl.

A curse.

A kiss.

The Lakes are not only famous for founding the small town of Lakeland, but also for killing off any man who would dare love them.

Just one little kiss and he will perish, or so the rumors say.

Erralynn Lake has never been a fan of rumors, or Lakeland.

She can’t wait to move away and spread her wings.

But as she plans her escape, an unlikely cold wind blows into town, bringing with it something wicked.

Things crawl from the shadows with stories of a curse, a girl, and a kiss.

And nothing makes sense.

Because Erralynn Lake isn’t who she thinks she is.

And Lakeland isn’t her real home.

It fact, it might not be anyone’s real home.

Crawl into the fairytale that will leave you wishing there was a rabbit to follow through the insanity.

First Kiss

in the fading light ebook.jpg

Prepare yourself for the FANTASY RIDE you have been waiting for!
Tara Brown weaves a tale meant to leave you breathless.

In the fading light of dawn, Estelle feels the magic set upon her.
It changes her, allowing their eyes to meet for the briefest of moments.
Where fingers cannot grasp and lips cannot meet, love still grows.
A Raven by day and a bear by night, these lovers are cursed never to meet except in the fading light of dusk and dawn.

From the madness in the monastery of the Silent Brothers,
to the bedroom in the rolling hills where her sister died-
Estelle finds herself on a mission for redemption and revenge.
Disguised as a pleasure house whore, she must find a way to repay the blood debt owed to each of her siblings before she can escape the curse.
Unfortunately for every bit of truth, there is a side she is not told.
Estelle must figure it out before it's too late.

If you loved The Blood Trail Chronicles or The Roses, you will find yourself pulled in, desperately lost in this book.
This is a standalone fantasy novel, mature readers recommended.

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Every town has its secrets. Secrets that hold it, and the people who live there, together.

When Liv Daniels moves to Wolfville, Maine with her father, she discovers the small town has more than its fair share.

But the quaint, coastal townsfolk aren't the only ones with secrets.

Liv has one too.

Hers is buried deep inside of her, where even she doesn't know it exists.

But someone does, and he's not going to give up until he breaks it free from her.

But how do you free someone from a secret they don't know they have?
What do you do when the person you're supposed to destroy becomes the one thing you can't live without?

Don't miss this suspenseful standalone YA romance!

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