Standalone Novels

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One Christmas Eve miracle, two versions of the same life, and a year to make everything fall into place.

For some, the holidays are the most magical time of the year…a sentiment Lilly Dallin doesn’t exactly agree with.
Her life is decidedly unmagical.
She’s married to Rod, a man who might never be ready for kids, is allergic to cats, and always seems to put himself first.
But this Christmas Eve, magic is exactly what Lilly finds.
Or rather, it finds her.
For the moment the church bells ring five, her world splits in two.
One version of her, living through a traumatic event.
The other version of her, driving home to confront Rod once and for all.

But as Lilly’s world falls apart, something else comes together, bringing a man from her past, a man she thought long gone.
What she doesn’t know is time is running out.
Her happy ending has a deadline.
The moment the church bells ring five, the magic ends.

One love story.
Two broken hearts.
365 days to get it right.

How lucky can one girl get?
Just ask Jacqueline Croix.
She has it all. The right fiancé, money, looks, and connections.
But everything comes at a cost. 
Sometimes that cost is looking the other way when the imperfections of your world start to show themselves. 
When something happens that she just can't look away from, she ends up drunk in a Chanel dress at a pity party on the beach in SC. There on the beach, she finally sees the cost of having everything is too high.
Luckily, Jacqueline has one thing most girls like her do not, somewhere to run when she leaves it all behind. 
That somewhere happens to be to the open arms of the New York Rangers' right wing, Mike France. 
He has always been there through thick and thin, waiting for his chance to make her his.
But how do you go from being best friends to lovers, when you know all the dirty details?

Erin Benson felt like she'd won the lottery when she arrived all the way from North Dakota with the keys to her first home in hand.
Crisp white walls: Check.
Breathtaking view of downtown Boston: Check.
Minutes from Northeastern School of Law: Check.

But home is not always where the heart is. Sometimes it’s where you find Mr. Random shacked up and sprawled out on what was supposed to be your new bed.
Between the bear spray and the handcuffs, she discovers a terrible mistake has been made.
Lochlan hasn't broken into her new home to sleep with a seedy barmaid...he owns half.

With emotions running on high, Erin is determined to tough it out until a solution can be found.
The tight quarters seem smaller with his accumulated clutter and bizarre sleeping schedule. It also doesn't help that he's the new lead singer for Thin Ice, an indie band on its rise to fame.
What happens when a quiet bookworm gets stuck with a relentless rocker?
What happens when the things you see are not the things you get?


Lana Webber is the girl every guy claims to have had.
But she doesn't care what people say about her.
She has fun.
Until something goes horribly wrong, and no one believes her side of the story.
For the first time, Lana is innocent but her past makes her look guilty.
Betrayed, ditched, and humiliated—Lana discovers the road to redemption lies in a buried secret.


James Holland has all the basics covered.
That is until he meets her—Lana Webber.
Then everything falls apart.
She has skills at ruining lives, she's mastered them destroying her own.
She's the last thing he needs in his life.
Unfortunately his heart didn’t get the memo.
And as hard as he tries not to be interested, he ends up falling for her.
Which he shouldn’t, considering she’s blackmailing him.

Find out what happens when Lana discovers James’ dirty little secret and uses it as ammo to get everything she wants.