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Standalone Novels

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One Christmas Eve miracle, two versions of the same life, and a year to make everything fall into place.

For some, the holidays are the most magical time of the year…a sentiment Lilly Dallin doesn’t exactly agree with.
Her life is decidedly unmagical.
She’s married to Rod, a man who might never be ready for kids, is allergic to cats, and always seems to put himself first.
But this Christmas Eve, magic is exactly what Lilly finds.
Or rather, it finds her.
For the moment the church bells ring five, her world splits in two.
One version of her, living through a traumatic event.
The other version of her, driving home to confront Rod once and for all.

But as Lilly’s world falls apart, something else comes together, bringing a man from her past, a man she thought long gone.
What she doesn’t know is time is running out.
Her happy ending has a deadline.
The moment the church bells ring five, the magic ends.

One love story.
Two broken hearts.
365 days to get it right.

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