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The Burrow Series

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The End of Me

Ten years ago Evie Evans left behind a dangerous job to be a mother and a wife. 
Now widowed and left to raise her children alone, Evie is prepared for anything. 
Well, almost anything. 
There are actually two things she isn't prepared for at all. 
The first being a sexy young man named Coop, a CI operative who is thrust into her world as her protector and handler. The other is an arms dealer named Servario, who the military has decided she must gain the trust of. 
But the world she left behind has changed and unfortunately, so has Evie. The minivan-driving mother of two couldn't be further from the woman she once was and she doesn't have time to catch up. 
At every turn there seems to be a secret or betrayal awaiting the inexperienced spy. 
But Evie has a secret too, she just doesn't know it yet. 
This hot, sexy ride is filled with espionage, secrets, and twists you will not see coming. 
Adult 18+

The End of Games

See you at Christmas! 

The words are still burning a hole in Evie Evans' mind and undergarments. 
Not that she really has time to think about it. Not with the world ending, as always, and the kid's school starting back up. 

But when Evie and the team stumble upon something no one expected, her and Servario are reunited much sooner than anticipated. 
Only the reunion is not the one they had planned. 

Once again she finds herself in the arms of the bad guy and making alliances with the wrong side. 

Stay tuned for the exciting second novel in The Single Lady Spy series! 

The End of Tomorrow

Just as things start to settle into a bit of a routine, a single phone call from a certain arms dealer halts everything. 
Evie's spy instincts kick into gear, putting being a parent on the back burner. 
But it's not the only thing taking a backseat to the mission. 
Evie's love life also takes a hit when Coop decides not to trust Servario's latest tip from the underworld, and accuses her of feelings Evie isn't sure she can deny. 

But when Servario's information is confirmed by an attack on a major city, the team is once again swept up in the chaos that comes with protecting the Burrow. 

Only this time the mission isn't saving the burrow from the usual suspects. 
This time it's saving the world from a young woman on the verge of creating something so deadly Evie isn't sure the Burrow should have it either. 

But could you end an innocent's life to stop them from ending everything, including tomorrow? 

Don't miss book three in the bestselling Single Lady Spy series!

The End of Lies

Summer in the English countryside is exactly the break Evie thinks she needs to reconnect with her kids.
No bots.
No deaths.
No helicopter flights.
Just a simple vacation and peaceful scenery.
What more could a cold-blooded assassin ask for?
Unfortunately, it doesn't last and the team requires a certain arms dealer’s help.
Leaving the kids in her mother’s capable hands, she goes to him, eager to see him.
What she finds isn’t exactly what she had hoped for.
It never is with him.
Desperate for the lies and treachery to stop, she ends the relationship she isn’t even having and goes back home.
Only S isn’t done with her.
He never will be.
But none of that matters.
The end of the mission nears and puts the real world on hold while the spy world falls apart.
As everything heats up, Evie realizes the end of this war means the end of love for her.
And sometimes a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do.
Even if it means sacrificing herself to protect the ones she loves.

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