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Naughty Fairytales

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What girl doesn't love a fairytale? 

What woman doesn't love an erotic tale based on her favourite fairytale? 

Sophie Starr brings you Cinderella like you have never seen her, on her knees and begging for more. It's more like Sin-derella. 

In the fairytale we all loved and cherished, Cinderella sang and danced and fell in loved after only one kiss. 

This isn't exactly her story . . . 

This is the story of Ella. 
There wasn't much to sing about in her life and she didn't have the energy to dance. 
She was an orphan being sold into a marriage of convenience by her wicked stepmother. 
But Ella was given a wish. 
She used it to wish to be free to marry the man she loved. 
Of course she loved the prince she met at the ball that she snuck into. 
But like I said, this isn't exactly the story you remember. 
This is a version of the story you will not have heard of before. 


Beauty's Beast

When Belle fled for the woods in a desperate attempt at saving her virtue and her father, she never imagined the dark castle where she would be held captive, would ever hold any curiosities for her. 
But it did. 
Nothing there was as is seemed. 
The shadows danced and the people hid great secrets. 
Where she thought she would just find a tyrant, she found a man with another side to him—a monstrous side. 
And through the key holes and cracks in the doors, she saw things—things she couldn't resist watching. 
But somewhere along the way the captive became the curious and the master became less of a monster. 


Sophie Starr is the naughty side no one likes to talk about, but everyone likes to read. This is erotica based on Disney's, Beauty and the Beast.

The Club

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That's what Hannah Edwards was always told. 

When her divorce finalizes on the same day her ex husband reveals he has a baby on the way with his new fiancé, Hannah feels like life just can't get any worse. But it can always get worse. So in a moment of drunken foolishness and desperation, she accepts an invitation to The Club. Completely unaware of what it is or what to expect, she braces herself for a swinger party. But what she finds is so much more intense, so much more raw and underground. The Club isn't at all what she expected to find, or enjoy

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