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The Last City of Men

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In the Club of the Unknown, where the music blares and the faces are hidden behind masks, Gwyn meets a boy. Not just any boy, but one she is certain she has met before. 

Only that's not possible. 

Gwyn lives in the last city of men, where memories are made through repetition and yesterday is forgotten with the reset. 
The world has peace, what's left of it anyway. Peace that has been gained through sacrifice. 

But as behavioural school ends and Gwyn is sent out into the work force, she discovers that not everyone resets. Not everything is as it seems. The peace they live in is as fake as the masks they wear in the clubs. She starts to see that the walls surrounding the city, to keep the monsters out, might actually be keeping them in. 

And maybe the boy she thought she knew, isn't what he appeared to be at all. 

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The last city of men has changed. 
Only those who remember yesterday can see it. 
There is tension in the air and violence in the corners you aren't supposed to notice. 
But Gwyn, a young girl in the orchard community, has a different problem. 
Her learned memories seem to be gone, even the ones that make her who she is. 
She wakes every morning, startled by the man next to her and the shack of a house they live in. 
Even the ordinariness of her clothing seems out of place. 
There is a thirst for adventure lingering in her throat and hunger for revenge she cannot place eating away at her stomach. 
And just when she thinks she has it all figured out, everything changes. 
A pair of green eyes find her on the train. 
A pair of green eyes she knows from somewhere. 

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The last city of men is no longer. Dusty roads, leading to places no one imagined existed, are now the paths taken by all, whether they like it or not. The stench of the new world, the sickness and the darkness of it eats at some of the citizens. Most long for the way things were. They long for the days where memories were taken and lives were simple.

But not Gwyn, a young woman on the verge of getting everything she ever wanted. The last city is a memory she uses to cherish her freedom. Unfortunately, freedom is not something the last men were ever meant to have.

And what put them behind those walls in the first place, is coming back.

It has plans Gwyn and the other survivors couldn't imagine, not even if they remembered everything lurking in their pasts.


The unexpected final installment in the Imaginations series is going to blow your mind.

Stay tuned, it's coming 2021

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